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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Update time : 2019-09-16 09:57:59

On the 15th day of the lunar calendar every year ,it's time for family reunion as the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.On the day, all Chinese people look up at the biggest and most beautiful moon of the year to sustenance of their homesickness.

In the sweet and welcoming Mid-Autumn festival, DDW prepared delicious moon cakes for everyone during the Mid-Autumn festival on September 13th.The moon cake taste had a unique flavor of Mid-Autumn festival.


Our company is a big family, everyone reunion together in the Mid-Autumn festival, laughter from the office, they fundus filled with laughter, the kind of happy feeling was always special sweet.
The Mid-Autumn harvest festival, not only the day of climbing the peak, but also a people's yearning for a better life.The day is an established future for the company, and it is also the firm belief in employees,which greatly enhances the sense of belonging of the staff.

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