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OLED signage cases
Museum transparent OLED case
The museum is an important part of the excellent inheritance of Chinese history and culture. Every collection is inheriting Chinese history and culture. The Pizhou Museum has changed the previous signage introduction and used a transparent OLED introduction, allowing visitors to not only see historical relics, but also further Learn about the historical knowledge of cultural relics.
The transparent OLED display makes the introduction of historical cultural relics colorful, allowing people to appreciate the cultural relics and understand the cultural relics. The transparent OLED display is as thin as a cicada's wing, and the thickness of the thinnest part of the OLED is only 1mm. At the same time, it has an ultra-high light transmittance, allowing you to get closer to cultural relics.

The OLED display produced by Shenzhen DDW Technology Co.,Ltd, Ltd. has ultra-fast response time and ultra-clear image quality. It is suitable for various scenes, meets your needs, and brings you a different visual feast.
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